Billy Wagner Gallery

Atlanta Braves    2010

Boston Red Sox    2009        New York Mets    2006 - 2009        Philadelphia Phillies    2004 - 2005

Houston Astros    1995 - 2003

Billy Wagner was a six-time All-Star and a Fireman of the Year.

1993-94 Excel1994 Bowman1994 Classic1994 Classic/Best Gold Rookie Express

1993-94 Excel

1994 Bowman

1994 1994 Classic

1994 Classic/Best Gold Rookie Express

1994 Pinnacle Draft Pick1994 Score Draft Pick1994 Signature Rookies1994 SP Premier Prospects Foil

1994 Pinnacle Draft Pick

1994 Score Draft Pick

1994 Signature Rookies

1994 SP Premier Prospects Foil

1994 Ted Williams The Campaign1994 Topps Gold Draft Pick1994 Upper Deck Top Prospects1997 Astros Mother's Cookies

1994 Ted Williams The Campaign

1994 Topps Gold Draft Pick

1994 Upper Deck Top Prospects

1997 Astros Mother's Cookies

1998 Topps Inaugural Devil Rays2005 Topps Update All-Star Stitches2006 Bazooka Gold Chunks2006 Sweet Spot

1998 Topps Inaugural Devil Rays

2005 Topps Update All-Star Stitches

2006 Bazooka Gold Chunks

2006 Sweet Spot

2007 Fleer Mini Die Cuts2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars2011 Topps2016 Topps High Tek Autographs

2007 Fleer Mini Die Cuts

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars

2011 Topps

2016 Topps High Tek Autographs

1994 Collector's Choice Draft Picks1994 Upper Deck Minors

1994 Collector's Choice Draft Picks

1994 Upper Deck Minors

1997 Upper Deck Ticket To Stardom Combos2006 Ultra Gold Medallion

1997 Upper Deck Ticket To Stardom Combos

2006 Ultra Gold Medallion


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