Pedro Martinez Gallery

Philadelphia Phillies    2009

New York Mets    2005 - 2008        Boston Red Sox    1998 - 2004

Montreal Expos    1994 - 1997        Los Angeles Dodgers    1992 - 1993

1992 Bowman1996 Donruss-Leaf-Preferred-Press Proofs

1992 Bowman

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1996 Leaf


Press Proofs

1998 Pinnacle-Artist's Proofs2000 Pacific-Omega-Copper

2000 Pacific



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1998 Pinnacle

Artist's Proofs


2002 Upper Deck-Sweet Spot-Sweet Spot Swatches2003 Fleer-Hardball-On The Ball-Game Used-Authentic Game-Worn Jersey

2002 Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot Swatches

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2003 Fleer

Hardball-On The Ball

Game Used

2003 Fleer-Platinum-Platinum Portraits-Authentic Game-Worn Jersey2003 Topps-Chrome-Red Backs-Relics-Authentic Game-Worn Jersey

2003 Fleer Platinum

Platinum Portraits

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2003 Topps


Red Backs Relics

2006 Bazooka-Basics-Relics-Authentic Game-Worn Uniform2009 Upper Deck-Signature Stars-Signed Sealed & Delivered

2006 Bazooka

Basics Relics

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2009 Upper Deck

Signature Stars

Signed Sealed & Delivered

Pedro Martinez has led his league in Earned Run Average 4 times, Strikeouts 3 times and Victories once. In 1999 He won the Pitching Triple Crown leading the American League in all three categories. Pedro has been a member of one World Championship team and has been selected to the All-Star team 8 times. He won the National League Cy Young Award in 1997 and the American League Cy Young Award in 1999 and 2000.


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